********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review *******

Oh my goodness … this third book by Sarina and Tanya is so funny and smart I couldn’t put it down. I had so much fun reading this that I was laughing until I cried in places.

In this wonderful addition, we have Sadie’s story. We know here from Man Hands and Man Card as she’s BFF’s with the main gal’s from those 2 books. Sadie has had a rough patch as of late with her divorce and raising twin girls on her own as well as being a professional working woman. Her BFF’s Brynn and Ash also bring the fun to the story with the things that they say and what’s going on in their lives as well.

Sadie is currently beating herself up as she is taking her girls to daycare for the first time since nanny’s aren’t working out for her. Once there, she gets an eye full of one of the day care providers and umm lets say that no one an blame her. In a rear twist of events, the day care provider, Liam, actually knows here and plays it up when she doesn’t remember him. Grant it, he was only a teenager then and has grown into a hunk of man candy. Once he reminds her, things are off and running.

They rekindle their friendship and while Liam is dying for more … always has been. Sadie isn’t so sure due to the age difference (it’s not much in my opinion). Once she takes the drive to the deep end, she’s good to go and they have some really hot, sexy, dreamy times. Yes Liam can be my book boyfriend anytime … sigh.

Mix in the drama from her ex being a total d-bag, the girls (I love Kate – she rocks for a two year old), Liam finishing his advanced degree and his family and you have one wild and crazy ride.

There are so many wonderful parts in this book, I can’t do it justice in my review without giving away the goods. So, please if you can pick it up and enjoy!!!

Thanks for letting me be part of this – I loved this book as well as the other two. I hope that there is more coming from the two of you 🙂