********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******* 

What a cute, charming and heartwarming story of finding love after bad relationships/divorce. Cut Free finds us catching up with Eliza, who we have met in the other “Cut” books from Julia (Cut Short, Cutting In and Cut Loose). Now that Eliza has moved on from her icky ex, she has started to find a new routine for herself. But when Abe sells his music shop to Charlie (who’s popped up in a previous book), Eliza’s world gets turned upside down again.

Charlie is a tatt’d up hottie that Eliza can’t keep her eye’s off of but doesn’t think that beginning a relationship with him is a good idea. Charlie is also into Eliza but gun shy to say the least. So what they decide to do is become friends … with Charlie helping Eliza come out of her shell and be a rebel. This works and they hit it off, even sign up for a marathon together (that’s important).

Things are rolling along just fine with some miss steps but they finally hook up and boy do the sparks fly. I’m leaving out some of the fun stuff they do so as not to spoil it for readers, but lets just say I’d go to the track with Charlie any day of the week.

But as with any good relationship, with the good comes some bad. Charlie makes a major mistake after seeing Eliza play at Rach’s wedding and forcing an issue. This in turn causes another major issue and Eliza decides to take a break from him so she can focus on the race. What Charlie does to get back in her good graces is so cute/charming/romantic I’d bring him home for that.

In the end, Charlie proves he’s more than worth the risk and the rewards for the relationship are so good Eliza is over the moon. We also get to catch up with Rach/Joe, Franni/James and the rest of the crew who are just way to cool.

Thank you so much Julia for letting me be a part of your ARC. Your characters and story lines are so much fun to read and so heartwarming, I usually read them in one sitting and then re-read them again 🙂