What He Doesn’t Know

By Kandi Steiner

First I have to say, this book is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute I was team Charlie, the next I was wasn’t sure who I wanted to come out on top. There is angst, passion, and I was conflicted which way I wanted this to go. The book starts off a little slow but after you start reading it you understand the author’s need to fill in all the details of each of the characters and their backgrounds.

Charlie Pierce is a wife and kindergarten teacher. On the outside she appears to have it all; a perfect life with a hard working husband. On the inside, she is coming apart; bored, insecure, and lonely and falling apart. Charlie’s brother’s best friend Reese returns to town and is a new teacher at the school she works at. Reese is Charlie’s first crush. She starts feeling things she hasn’t felt in a while when she is around him. Cameron, (Charlie’s husband) gets introduced to Reese at a dinner at her parent’s house.  He wonders what their relationship is like. Charlie starts having feelings for Reese to make up for her loneliness and heartache. This is a love triangle and a cliff hanger! I got to the end and was like, “Oh my gosh, I have to read the next book!!!” Which by the way is titled – What He Always Knew.

Great read and it will keep you drawn into it!