Asp, the second book in the “Shadow World” series, was so great I read it in one sitting. He’s just an interesting shadow that I couldn’t put it down.

We find out what events caused Asp to be the way he is and how he made it to Guardian as a shadow. Due to this, we understand what pushes him to take the current assignment to take out a specific target. While he manages to get his target, it bring about an entire different set of events that almost take him out.

This is where we meet Lyric and her family. As Asp is wounded, Lyric’s grandfather starts helping him heal and when Lyric comes looking for dear ole grandpa, she ends up staying to help with Asp. She tends to his wounds and bring him back from the brink; it’s touch as go for a bit, but he recovers.

As time goes on, we find out there are additional people from Asp past that he finds out he was lied to about as well as who he can trust and can’t. With the help of his “friends” he get’s Lyric out of harms way but it comes at a high costs via the lives losts. Once’s she’s back in the US at the compound, Asp goes to town on the people causing all the issues in the region and starts to take them out.

We get a healthy dose of all the gang from “Kings of Guardian” series as well as more insight into other shadows in this story as well as a happy ending for Lyric and Asp. I really love what Moriah does in the end to one of the bad guys, totally awesome!!!!

Highly recommend this book to any and all but especially if you’ve read any of the King’s of Guarding series or the first book in the Shadow World series. Asp makes such a delightful character and his love of food makes his call signs way to funny (thanks Kris!!!).

Another great book from Kris to add to the collection –  thanks Kris, please keep them coming!