********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******

What a wonderfully wicked story. Cade is strong, wounded hero that doesn’t deserve the hand he’s been dealt. Ivy’s one woman who’s been caught in the middle for too many years and Drew is just plain messed up.

The book starts out on such a sad note with the death of Cade’s family at the hand of his brother Drew. But unbeknownst to Drew, Cade survives. Due to this one action, it changes the life of so many people. Ivy ends up with Drew and we get to experience all the evil that Drew is truly capable of and what it does to Ivy. You really do hope that she makes it out of all the issues alive and as undamaged as possible.

We also see what all of this has done to Cade and how it changed the man that he is and was meant to be. It was wonderful to see Roan make an appearance in the book as well as Dilan. Such wonderful guys from the “Syndicate Series”. Thank goodness Cade comes back into Ivy’s life when he does as he saves her from a fate worse than death.

Once Ivy is safe (I won’t spoil all that goes down), Cade starts his plans to take out all of the people that were involved in destroying his family including Drew. One by one, he does take them out in such a cruel way, you wonder if Cade is holding on to his sanity by a thread. We also see what having Ivy back in his life does to him. I won’t spoil all the twists and turns that Cade and Ivy go through to make it out on the other side better.

Let’s just say that Drew & crew get what they deserve in the end, Ivy with tons of helps comes out stronger on the other side and takes Cade for the man he is today and Cade finally gets his vengeance for how Drew wronged the family and Ivy; and to win Ivy in the end. We are left with a good feeling but not necessarily a HEA but we know that Cade and Ivy will work to weather all the storms that might come their way in the future.

While this might a little darker than what Kathy normally writes, it was such a great read. The characters are awesome, the story is one that isn’t easy to put down and we see some of our favorite characters from her other novels make an appearance.

I highly recommend reading this if you get the chance and it looks like we get to meet more new characters coming soon from this book as well.

Thanks Kathy and keep them coming!