********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****** 

What a heartwarming second chances book with serious topics to start with.

We first meet Brooke, who has a wonderful hubby in Scott and new baby Ellie. They seem like the perfect family but Scott is hiding a dangerous addition that will break the family apart (unfortunately).

As Brooke moves on and out to start a new life, she never imagined it would be back in her parents home, in her old room. The plus side is being closer to her best friend and family during this hard time. With the bff’s help, Brooke starts to do things that were fun for her before Ellie, like exercising. She start’s going to the gym with her bff  …  While there, her eye’s find one hot gym dude. Little did she know it was her ex from high school days, Ryan.

Once they figure out who each other is, things pick up where they left off years ago. Ryan wants what Brooke can give him (all of it) but Brooke is gun shy given what she’s just been through and survived. We have the mix of her ex finally understanding what his addiction did to her and their family while trying to get all that to work out as well as Brooke working out her feelings and relationship with Ryan.

There are many twists and turns along the way to the HEA that CL Collier loves to give us, but some are unexpected (won’t spoil it … but let’s just say Scott is a douche in several areas), Ryan is more than you could hope for and well Brooke is trying to do the best for herself and her daughter but still find love a second time around.

Thanks for a wonderful read CL and for letting me get a peak before it’s released!!!