Hating the Rock Star

By B.B. Hamel

It all started as bet between Joss and his band members. One of the guys bet Joss if he married the first girl to walk into the room, Joss would get one of his songs on their new album. As they are sitting there, Grace walks into the room and Joss from the band Slide comes right up to her. Grace has been a huge fan of the band for a while now. So when Joss asks Grace if she wants to go hang out with them in Vegas, she agrees not knowing what she is really getting into. And they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Grace wakes up with a severe hangover and can’t remember how she ended up in bed with Joss. Joss is a womanizer, man whore, and a complete jerk. When he wakes up they both realize that they are married. Grace immediately cannot believe she went along with it and married Joss. She wants an annulment. Joss, being the jerk he is tells Grace the only way he will give her want she wants is to have Grace join him on the band’s tour. She has stay the entire time and then he will let her go.

You are in for one heck of a ride with Grace and Joss’s story. There are moments that you won’t see coming and an intense passion with some stormy chemistry between the two! I loved it!