********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******

I’ve been waiting on Justin’s book and it was as great as I hoped it would be – L.P. Dover did it yet again!!!

From the previous books in the series, we know that Justin took Dallas’s place on the TV show and got stuck with Miranda for a year per the contract. What we didn’t know was all the nasty stuff that went on behind the camera. And boy when that information starts to come out, it’s a trip. We’ve known how much Justin wants to be done with her and he lets her know in a big way (which I found funny and enjoyed with an evil grin). But we all know that she’s a bit cray-cray and she proves it bigtime.

So while Corey (brother/agent extraordinaire) handles the fall out, Justin heads to his country home. He’s hoping no one figures out it’s him. Once he arrives, he needs some transportation, which he forgot to handle, and in comes Meghan. She literally runs into him. They hit it off and start spending a lot of time together. He helps fix up stuff at her place and they enjoy hiking and just hanging out. She does finally come clean with him that she knew who he was but didn’t want to out him. He’s extremely grateful for that.

Due to all the bad press Justin’s getting (due to the cray-cray b*&^%), Meghan’s a little gun shy and doesn’t want to ruin what they have but doesn’t feel like she can go all in due to her child. Justin feels the same way but wants to figure out how to make it work. Well, his sister plots a little bit and gets he and Meghan to come home. He thinks its due to her pregnancy which it isn’t. They all fall in love with Meghan, and she really like them too. While they are they, she hides out while Justin deals with Miranda …. and boy does he. It’s awesome and classic but she still comes back for one last cray-cray moment to drive a wedge between Justin and Meghan. Which it does, but Justin get the last laugh and Miranda goes down.

Justin goes after Meghan to win her heart and the heart of her child and after a few bumps in the road we get our HEA as well as updates on the others in the series. Such a great book and I totally read it all in one setting 🙂

Thanks L.P. for letting me be part of the ARC – you and your stories are awesome!!!