********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ****** 

What a lovely wrap up of the Sublime Series. Laurel and Avi’s story is way to cute.

We have Laurel, who’s friends with Frannie/Rachel/Eliza from the other Sublime books. She’s a wicked lawyer but also a very short person. She loves her closet and pant suits but is also very compassionate, friendly and out going but hides it  to ensure people take her seriously as a lawyer… and she’s made a bad decision which costs her, her current job. But luckily, she finds another and its a much better place to be.

But she wants a fresh look and runs to Frannie to help with a new “do” for the first day. Unfortunately, Frannie is book so she points her to Avi, the new stylist in the shop. Laurel make the mistake of assuming Avi is a gal … but so totally isn’t. Things don’t start off so friendly as Avi comes across as bossy and tells her how her hair should be done. It’s really funny how it goes down, but she does go along with it.  Avi also suggests he become her roommate (again, really funny).

Laurel thinks about it and agree’s. She’s very attracted to Avi (as is he) but given her past, she doesn’t think it would work. Well, Avi blows that though out of the water. They do hit it off, but there is still a lot of give and take before things smooth out. There are great moments with her new co-workers, the gang as well as Avi’s family. It looks as all is going great but Laurel’s past comes back and boy does it. Well written scorned, bitter wife goes on a very verbal public attack. Avi is there for the entire show and Laurel panics and runs.

But with all great relationships, she comes back, and they work their way back to where they should be and we get a HEA. Julia also brings great closure to all of the wonderful relationships in the sublime series. Highly recommend the series, fun/flirty/serious (with series issues as well) but always loving.

Thanks for letting me in on the ARC – I loved it so much!!!