********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******

This is the follow up book by Amy Daws for “Wait With Me”. In this book we have Sam, Miles’s best friend as well as Maggie/Megan, Miles’s sister.

Their meeting is awesome and happens in, of all places, a Bait and Tackle shop. The current group of guys are looking to do some ice fishing. Maggie is running her mouth and well Sam takes on the good guy role and protects here from some A$$hats. While they talk after he removes her from the situation, he finds out that the sassy gal might be worth getting to know. We also find out that Maggie is going through a break up and looking to prove her ex was wrong about her.

As things progress between the two, they figure out that Miles is a key part of both of their live and both freak out in different ways … but continue on with what they are doing. The tension between the two is so hot and when they finally hook up, the sparks fly. Only problem is they are both continuing to follow what they originally agreed to L

As things would have it, the ex shows up, causes problems,  Sam figures it out about the time Maggie gets a clue as to who to be with and the S*&* show ends with Miles finding out about Sam and Maggie. All heck breaks loose but in the end Miles is cool with it and we get our HEA.

Scenes to enjoy – the snowboarding and what goes down (I could so do the same thing – haha), ice silo climbing – didn’t know that was a thing, dinner with the ex that shows up and the final one where they talk about job titles (I laughed so hard I cried on that one).

Another amazing book from Amy Daws and I really hope that we get some thing for Kate’s BFF’s Lyns and Dean coming soon (but not them together please 🙂