I loved the characters and story line, so refreshing that Miles is such a guy’s guy and Kate is a writer. I absolutely loved how their relationship bloomed and grew.

We have Kate (Mercedes), who has a bit of writer’s block at the moment. That is until she takes her car in for service and while waiting for it has a break through. Then she meets Miles by running right into him while she’s trying to make a quick get a way from the tire center … that’s she’s been using like a Coffee Shop to keep her writers groove going.

While Kate keeps running into Miles, she is catching so much s^%# from her friends for using the tire shop as her go to writing spot. She and Miles start becoming closer and closer but Miles thinks her name is Mercedes and she doesn’t do anything to correct him.

Things continue to grow between the two but Miles keeps telling himself he doesn’t want to get involved due to his past relationship and Kate keeps calling it book research. Things finally hit the roof when Kate’s ex shows up and blows her cover as well as her BFF calling her by her real name.

We do get our HEA and the reunion is awesome (thanks Amy). Along the way, we have the pizza scene at Tire Depot, the camping trip as well as the car breakdown that not only makes you love the characters more but also had the humor to the book fall in love with.

I absolutely loved the career’s that both of the characters have as well as the support cast of friends. It makes for a fun read!