********* I received a copy of this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) for review ******

I really enjoyed the characters, Tyler and Paris, as well as the secondary characters. It’s a fun, witty read while touching on issues that people face when dealing with business as well as family issues.

Tyler and Paris have a history that we don’t fully get the facts on other than in high school they were a couple and it somehow ended badly. So badly they avoided either other and the towns they grew up in.  But when see each other years later, the chemistry and lust/love is still there. But can they overcome their history? Can Tyler make her see that he’s changed and grown up?

Things keep bringing them together, we learn more about their individual history and some of the things that they go through are funny and compassionate (ditching a car, hot coco for comfort, steamy weekend).

Unfortunately, to save both of their business’s they really do need to get hitched. Paris’s way to fix it is to go into a loveless/sexless marriage but Tylor does all he can to stop this and make Paris his again. It looks like he does but that’s when we get to the end of this volume.

Love the story line, characters but I’m not a big fan of cliff hangers even though the next book is due to release the beginning of Dec 2018. Can wait to see what we get with the next volume

Thanks Kim for letting me be part of this and can’t wait for the next book.